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Self-hosted CI for Bitbucket

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Install via Atlassian Marketplace

The Snake CI add-on is available for installation via Atlassian Marketplace:

Install via Bitbucket Admin Panel

Navigate to Admin Panel of your Bitbucket instance  → Find new apps → search for Snake CITry for free

We support Bitbucket Data Center.

Source code of Snake Runner is available on GitHub.

Snake Runner

Snake Runner is distributed as a Docker image on Linux.

First, after the add-on installation, go to Bitbucket Admin PanelRunners and copy the registration token.

Then run the following command on your Docker host:

docker run \
    --name snake-runner \
    --detach \
    --restart on-failure \
    -e "SNAKE_MASTER_ADDRESS=https://<bitbucket-address-here>/" \
    -e "SNAKE_REGISTRATION_TOKEN=<registration-token-here>" \
    -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
    -v /var/lib/snake-runner/secrets/:/var/lib/snake-runner/secrets/ \

Consult the runner installation guide for step-by-step instructions.
Docker images can be found on Docker Hub.


Windows is supported. No containers needed.

Check out our guide — Set up Snake CI on Windows