Using HTTP(S) for cloning

Using HTTP(S) instead of SSH for fetching Git repositories.

Required version: >= 0.8.4

Snake CI supports cloning Bitbucket repositories using the HTTP(S) protocol if the company policies do not allow SSH.

To enable this feature, navigate to Bitbucket Admin PanelSnake CI section → Settings.

On this page, check the following checkbox to enable the feature:


Secret Access Tokens

Unlike SSH, cloning via the HTTP(S) protocol requires you to have valid credentials to access the Bitbucket instance.

For these needs, Snake CI issues a temporary access token on the user’s behalf that works only while the status of the pipeline is Running. The token is automatically revoked when the pipeline status changes to canceled, failed, or completed.

The token is also available during the pipeline run as CI_SECRET_ACCESS_TOKEN.

Last modified October 21, 2020