Running pre-merge pipelines

Validate correctness of the merge before actual merge.


Why validate the correctness of the pull request merge before the actual merge? The reason for that is not immediately apparent, so let’s peek at the example to get a better understanding. There are numerous causes which may lead to the broken main branch after merging feature branch even if both branches are completely fine by themselves while separated.

One of the obvious examples is an update of the main branch right before the merge. Consider this scenario: the feature branch uses a library that was declared as deprecated some time ago. The new push to the main branch removes that library without any notification of the feature branch’s developers.

Both branches pass the CI pipeline. If the feature branch was merged to the main branch, it would fail the pipeline because the deprecated library is no longer available in the main tree.

Validating merge result before the actual merge easily catches this kind of problem.

Executing pre-merge checks in Pull Requests

Snake CI pipeline can be configured in a way to pre-merge feature branch before running the rest of the pipeline by utilizing Run Templates and the only: variables filter in the pipeline config.

First step is to add additional stage in the pipeline config (snake-ci.yaml):

    - pre-merge
    - … # all other stages

pre-merge feature branch:
    stage: pre-merge
        - $CI_PRE_MERGE
      - apk add git # you can use image with pre-installed git
      - git config --global 'snake-ci@pipeline'
      - git checkout $CI_PULL_REQUEST_TO_HASH
      - git merge $CI_PULL_REQUEST_FROM_HASH

… # rest of the pipeline goes here

This additional step will merge the feature branch locally in the pipeline context. The specified commands will be executed only if the $CI_PRE_MERGE variable is set before the pipeline is triggered.

Such a variable could be set in the popup dialog, which appears when you click on the New Pipeline button at the pull request page, but to automate it a little bit, we can use Run Templates feature to pre-populate this variable for the future use.

To do so, we need to add Run Template with the $CI_PRE_MERGE variable defined in it.

Navigate to Repository settingsSNAKE CIRun Templates and click the Add Template button.

Enter a name like “Run pre-merge check” and click the Save & Specify Variables button.


Then click the Add Variables button and add a new variable with the name CI_PRE_MERGE leaving value empty.


After those changes are made, you can run the final pre-merge check pipeline on all new pull requests by navigating to the pull request you want to merge and clicking the New Pipeline ↓ button, and clicking “Run pre-merge check”.


This action will trigger a new pipeline with the additional pre-merge stage, which will merge the feature branch into the main branch before running the pipeline.

If something goes wrong, it will be clearly seen since the pipeline will be failed.


Also, since the pipeline is failed, it prohibits the pull request from being merged until the issue is resolved.

Last modified October 21, 2020