Global Settings

Global Snake CI add-on configuration that is available for Bitbucket Administrators.


Real-time counters


This section controls the behavior of the real-time Pipelines and Jobs counters in the side panel.

Real-time counters can be globally disabled for all users.

If disabled, counters will reflect the number of running/pending Pipelines and Jobs only on page load and will not change automatically.

By default, real-time counters are disabled for Bitbucket Data Center edition but can be enabled by Administrators on this page.


This section controls the normal cleanup process performed by Snake CI.

Snake CI will regularly remove Pipelines, Jobs, and Job Logs from the server.


This section controls how Snake CI reacts to git push events.

By default, Snake CI performs snake-ci.yaml validation and pipeline scheduling in a synchronous manner right after a git push event.

If the synchronous mode is disabled, pipelines are still scheduled for execution, but users do not see snake-ci.yaml validation errors and the link to the latest pipeline in the git push command’s output.


This section controls Snake CI features for forked repositories.

If the Pipelines option is disabled for forked repositories, pushes to forked repositories will not trigger new pipelines, and Snake CI features will not be available.

Project and Repository settings use the value specified on this page as the defaults.

Note that this section allows Administrators to define only default settings, which can be overridden by Project and Repository Settings.

Last modified October 21, 2020