Runner Config

A complete list of all available configuration options for Snake Runner.

This page documents all configuration parameters available on Snake Runner.

The configuration file is located in the following path: /etc/snake-runner/snake-runner.conf, it can be changed using -c --config <path> flag.

Format: YAML.

Config Paramenter Environment Variable Description
master_address SNAKE_MASTER_ADDRESS The address of Bitbucket with Snake CI Add-on installed.
registration_token SNAKE_REGISTRATION_TOKEN The security token for registering the runner. You can obtain it in the Bitbucket admin panel → Runners.
name SNAKE_NAME The name of the runner.
Default: current hostname
access_token SNAKE_ACCESS_TOKEN The unique security token obtained by the runner after registration. You don’t need to specify it unless you want to preserve name and id after moving runner to another host.
access_token_path SNAKE_ACCESS_TOKEN_PATH The path to save obtained security token after registration. The directory must be a persistent storage, otherwise, runner will register again.
heartbeat_interval SNAKE_HEARTBEAT_INTERVAL How often the runner should send a signal that it’s online.
Default: 45s
scheduler_interval SNAKE_SCHEDULER_INTERVAL How often the runner should try to retrieve a job from the master.
Default: 5s
max_parallel_pipelines SNAKE_MAX_PARALLEL_PIPELINES How many parallel pipelines can be running.
Default: number of available CPUs
pipelines_dir SNAKE_PIPELINES_DIR The directory on the host that will be used for cloning git repositories and mounting them as read-only to job containers. It’s not required to be a persistent volume.
Default: /var/lib/snake-runner/pipelines/ SNAKE_DOCKER_NETWORK Connect job containers to specified docker network. It may be an overlay docker network or even host.
docker.volumes SNAKE_DOCKER_VOLUMES Attach specified volumes to job containers. See Using Docker in CI for examples.
docker.auth_config SNAKE_DOCKER_AUTH_CONFIG Provide authentication parameters for pulling from private registries. See Using private Docker registries for examples.
log.debug SNAKE_LOG_DEBUG Enable debug messages.
Default: false
log.trace SNAKE_LOG_TRACE Enable trace messages. Really noisy one, prints all http requests and responses.
Default: false

Last modified September 17, 2020