Welcome to Snake CI

Welcome to the Snake CI documentation!

This documentation shows you how to get started writing your pipelines for testing, building and deploying your software using Bitbucket with the Snake CI add-on installed on-board.

What is Snake CI

Snake CI is a continuous integration and continuous delivery system that enables developers to describe software life-cycle through pipelines and jobs specifications, which allows building, testing, and even deploying the software based on the configuration file in the repository.

Why teams choose us:

  • Flat learning curve — an easy and intuitive way to integrate and use, just ship the add-on and start the runner;

  • Easy to scale by setting up any number of additional self-hosted runners (an application that executes pipelines/jobs);

  • Blazingly fast because it utilizes Docker images and containers;

  • Native integration with Bitbucket UI, pipelines, and jobs are alongside Pull Requests and Source Code.

Is it for me

Snake CI is particularly useful for any teams who use Bitbucket and want to focus on the content instead of manual actions like running tests, building, and deploying.

Get started

Find out how to setup the add-on and setup the runner. Or visit the examples page and start exploring screenshots page.

Last modified September 17, 2020