Snake CI is shutting down its development.

Shutting down Snake CI

October 05, 2021

Hey there, as you might know, in October of 2020 Atlassian has announced that they are going to stop selling licenses on Bitbucket Server after February 2, 2021. They also announced that they are going to drop support of Bitbucket Server after February 2, 2024.

More about their plans on the blogpost Atlassian’s Journey to Cloud.

The development of Snake CI started much earlier than Atlassian has published this announcement and therefore we published the product for Bitbucket Server & Data Center marketplace just right before the release of the statement about deprecation and stopping selling licenses.

Snake CI was created for small teams which means mostly for Bitbucket Server users. Unfortunately, we have to shut down the development of Snake CI because of the fact that teams who are willing to use our CI can’t buy a license for Bitbucket Server anymore.

If you are one of our existing customers, we are willing to help you in any possible way. If you are willing to refund the purchase, please go through Atlassian Marketplace Support team since Atlassian Marketplace manages all the operations related to purchasing/refunding.