What's new in 1.0

October 13, 2020

We have delivered this. It took us a while to add these new features and test everything on every platform. And here we are!

There are three big problems solved.

Shell Executor

A month ago there were no way to avoid using Docker to spawn Snake Runner and its containers, now there is. Passing a special parameter will make Snake Runner forget about having Docker containers.

It means that every command described in the snake-ci.yaml file will be executed by the runner on the machine where it’s installed without isolation.

Some teams do not use Docker, because they ship and use pre-built VMs already.

It is a cost & performance efficient way, but there are downsides — it is very easy to disrupt the system.

Windows support

Now, teams which target Windows can use Snake CI to run test & build their programs right on their Windows servers. Therefore, they are much closer to their customers’s environment.

How to install and configure Snake Runner on Windows

Advanced Host Keys

The main way of solving SSH’s Host Key Checking is setting up SSH to skip host key verification completely passing -oStrictHostKeyChecking=no.

But this is an insecure way. The secure way is that the add-on should tell the runner what Host Key the current Bitbucket instance have.

You’ll find a new menu item Host Keys on the Project, Repository, and Admin settings pages.

How to configure Host Keys


The Release Notes for the add-on v1.0.0 are available here.

We strongly recommend upgrading Snake Runner instances to v1.0.0, check Runner’s release notes and upgrade instructions here.

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