Snake CI 0.8: Settings, additional environment variables and Data Center support

August 04, 2020

Today we’re releasing version 0.8.0 for Snake CI.

This monthly release includes support for new environments variables, additional add-on configuration, and enhanced Data Center compatibility.

We’re also going to discuss changes introduced in the technical release 0.7.0, which provides better support for Data Center instances.

New environment variables

In this release we’ve introduced twelve new environment variables, a couple of particularly useful ones are:

  • CI_FROM_COMMIT_HASH — the unique hash of a previous commit that triggered the pipeline, which can be used to compare changesets effortlessly and run specific parts of your pipeline only if particular changes are detected between pipelines runs.

  • CI_PULL_REQUEST_TITLE — the title of the pull request that triggered the pipeline. One valuable use-case is to add [Draft] prefix to your pull requests titles and later check that string in the pipeline to skip CI checks for draft pull requests altogether.

See other environment variables here.

Global settings

Bitbucket administrators now able to globally configure storage requirements, real-time pipeline counters update interval, and other settings.

It may be especially useful for the Data Center users with busy Bitbucket instances to configure how regularly Snake CI will clean up pipelines.

Pipelines in forks

We’ve introduced the ability to disable pipelines for forked repositories, especially for teams heavily relying on the Fork & Pull Request workflow.

By disabling Snake CI features for forked repositories, teams can avoid unnecessary work done on the CI/CD hosts.

Data Center support

We’re excited to announce that Snake CI is undergoing final checks by the Atlassian Team and soon be officially available for Data Center edition users.


The Release Notes for the add-on v0.8.0 are available here.

We recommend upgrading Snake Runner instances to 0.8.0, check Runner’s release notes and upgrade instructions here.

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