Snake CI 0.6: Secret Release 🤐

June 25, 2020

Today we’re releasing version 0.6.0 for Snake CI.

In this montly release we bring several new features targeting environment variables, improving teams workflow, and increasing jobs logs efficiency.

Attributes of Environment Variables

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve finished the development & testing of two new attributes of Environment Variables.

😷 Masked

A masked environment variable means that its value is hidden in jobs logs.
We do our best to hide the value in jobs logs, but we still do recommend avoiding printing masked values in jobs logs.

One of the goals we had before starting the development of this feature was to have an ability to hide multiline environment variables and do not add new limits for users. Want to have a private key as an environment variable? We’ve got your back.

🤐 Secret

This attribute is very similar to the masked one. But there is a difference — masked variable’s value can be revealed on the Variables settings page. Secret variables stay secret, even for users with admin privileges.

If someone wants to change the value, then they have to put a new one.

🛡️ Protected

While this feature is not yet implemented, we’re thrilled to announce it as a coming one in the next releases.

This attribute will allow teams to secure environment variables in a different way. Values marked as protected will be available only for protected branches such as master.

🏃 Run Templates

In the previous releases we’ve added a button to run pipelines right from Pipelines List & Pull Request pages. In this release we made a new step in the same direction — now you define how you start new pipelines.

A run template is a named set of environment variables along with their values.

It can be used to quickly start a new pipeline with a specific environment, for example, to deploy a branch on a particular server (e.g., staging or production).

Defined run templates are accessible in the New Pipeline button’s dropdown on Pipelines List and Pull Request pages.

And this is how we get these buttons — we’ve just added a few run templates on Project & Repository level.

Project settings / Run Templates Repository settings / Run Templates
Environments in Run Templates Selecting a run template from the menu

🏄🏿‍♀️ Press go to last line to follow jobs logs

If your jobs logs have lots of output, you can press the go to last line button on the bottom of logs and the browser will follow logs as they appear.


The Release Notes for the add-on v0.6.0 are available here.

We recommend upgrading Snake Runner instances to 0.6.0 to experience the features of environment variables attributes, check Runner’s release notes and upgrade instructions here.

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