Snake CI 0.5

June 8, 2020

Today we’re releasing version 0.5.0 for Snake CI.

We’ve improved compatibility with Bitbucket 5+, resolved regressions after the latest releases, improved compliance with Atlassian Design guidelines, and even better — introduced a few new features.

Pull Request Actions

Two new buttons arrived for the Pull Request page, click the Run pipeline button to start a new pipeline for the current branch. Click on the second part of the button to pop up the dialog where you can input additional environment variables.

New Look: List of Pipelines

From now on, there is no need to check each pipeline to see what’s happening or what happened there, the list now shows the current stage and the status of jobs on each pipeline.

The new badge shows the current stage for pipelines with the running status and the stage of a failed job for failed pipelines.



  • Removing an online runner will gracefully terminate its pipelines and shut down the runner;
  • A runner’s name doesn’t need to be unique anymore;
  • Improved support for Bitbucket 5+
    • Fix: an error while deleting an environment variable;
    • Fix: some icons were missing on old versions of Bitbucket
    • Cosmetic changes due to different versions of the Atlassian UI framework.
  • Improved consistency with Atlassian Design Guidelines: in progress statuses are now blue, only success statuses is green


  • Fix: an error while retrying a pipeline in the Pipelines tab on the Pull Requests page;
  • Fix: clicking on the Back button on the Pull Requests page did not work properly in some scenarios;
  • Fix: an error while cancelling a pending pipeline due to an unavailable runner;
  • Fix: pipelines triggered by a Merge Commit were not automatically linked to related Pull Requests;
  • Fix: an error while cancelling a running pipeline created by the Retry button.

We recommend upgrading Snake Runner instances to 0.5.0, check the runner’s release notes here.

The Release Notes for the add-on v0.5.0 are available here.

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