Data Center & Upcoming Release

September 08, 2020

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Snake CI passed the Atlassian Bitbucket Data Center review, which means Data Center users can now install the add-on directly from the Atlassian Marketplace!

While we were doing lots of performance, scalability, and endpoint tests to ensure that we’re ready for Bitbucket Data Center, we have also been working on the upcoming release — Snake CI 0.9.0.

What’s new in the next release?

While we have a lot of features and ideas to implement in Snake CI, we always adjust our priorities to what our customers ask first because we think customers know better how the ideal product looks like. If the feature doesn’t solve anyone’s problem, then it’s an unnecessary feature. That’s how we think about features.

In the previous month, we received requests for these three particular features, and we decided to deliver them first:

  • Shell Mode Support
  • Windows Support
  • Advanced Host Key Verification

Shell Mode Support

Don’t want to have Docker and containers? No problem, just run a standalone version of Snake Runner right on your host where you have all packages and libraries installed already.

Windows Support

This feature allows users to build native applications for Windows using Windows systems.

It works excellent especially in combination with Shell Mode, and you can keep writing your CI Pipelines in PowerShell or Windows Batch.

Advanced Host Key Verification

When you clone a Git repository or pull your dependencies, SSH will ask you to verify that the remote host’s fingerprint is the same as you expect. It’s a well-known problem for CI & CD systems to have no ability to verify host keys without disabling the check completely.

While the most popular solution is to disable the strict host key checking altogether. However, it’s still very insecure and doesn’t protect from the Man In The Middle attack against the end-user.

Since v0.9.0, we decided to take a different route to solve the problem — the add-on will automatically obtain Bitbucket’s fingerprint and send it to the Snake Runner. So you don’t need to worry about host key verification anymore.

Going to fetch dependencies from GitHub or other services? No worries, we’ve got it covered too. We will provide a special page where you can input hostnames and verify their fingerprint once and for all.

Keep it up

While we keep working on these features and expect to release them during the next weeks, we would like to hear from you what features you would like to see next. Drop us a line at or chat with us in Slack —

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